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Hi there, I am Danielle.

The author and owner of Daily Splendor. I am so happy you are here! I'm a Michigan based blogger, wife and mama to 2 and I love to create and design! I started Daily Splendor in 2018 as a creative outlet and to share ideas to make things more effortless for others. I have always been so inspired how sharing ideas among friends and family can be so helpful for one another and I love being able to do that on a larger scale.


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Daily Splendor is a Life and Style blog sharing ways to help others reflect their own personal style through many different avenues. I focus on sharing creative projects but also creating balance in enjoying the little things in the everyday. Friends here tend to love decor tips, styling ideas, DIY projects, family life and fun but simple recipes.

The goal is to be a destination for real life inspiration and ideas and/or projects for others to recreate in their own life. My hope is that this page encourages you to try something new and be creative in reflecting things that you love or inspire you. We might not necessarily love the same exact kinds of decor or style but finding ideas or using concepts that you can incorporate for what works for you is whats important! I always appreciate others that have a different design point of view and try to learn something from it.


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Danielle and Lily
About Danielle - Her Story

When we started our second home renovation I noticed there were a lot of things people were asking about our process and how and why we did certain things. Not much later is when I decided to start my blog to document and share ideas to creating a home and everyday lifestyle you love.  Design and styling has always been a big part of my life through fashion, textiles, home renovations and I love being able to share it with you. I am a big believer that you don’t have to put your style into just one category.  You can create your own personal style through anything that inspires you. Thats the beauty of it because its yours and should reflect you. 

One of my favorite things is doing large home renovations. We renovated our first home and once it was complete is when we moved to our second home that needed to be completely renovated. While have completed many projects in this home we still have a ways to go so I hope you follow along with us. My husband and I realized early on that home projects and renovations are one of our favotite hobbies. With his background and knowledge in building and mine in design and many years of real estate we have made a great team. I'm also very lucky that he always jumps on board with my crazy or different ideas I always want to try. Its funny because when it comes to anything easy like where to go to dinner I cant make a decision but anything home or design related I'm very decisive.

I also really love small projects, diys, creating recipes and just making a cozy home for my family. I enjoy trying to repurpose things within my home and giving them new life. I always try to show how things are made or created to help others do it in their home as well. If you come follow along on Instagram I often share videos on some of my diys.

In my free time I love to enjoy time with my family playing outside with the kids, doing projects or just having a movie night together. My favorite place to be besides home is near the water, I love a good cup of coffee, exercising often is super important to me and cooking a cozy meal and drinking wine is the best way to end a day.



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