We have been waiting for it to start feel like fall around here. The weather was still so warm for such a long time. Finally the last few days it has started to show up and of course with that brought the rainy fall weather too. But it’s ok by me because it’s just a perfect excuse to bring out my cute rain boots!

Cute Rain Boots #rainboots #fallfashion #fallstyle #rainydays Cute Rain Boots #rainboots #fallstyle #rainydays

When I bought new boots I wanted something a little more fun and different from what I normally would pick out. So when I found these tall plaid rain boots I knew they were just what I was looking for. I love how classic and effortless they are and they give some extra style for these gloomy days. The details like the red lining makes them even better. And can we talk about the gold buckles on the back?! That is quite possibly my favorite part. I get so many compliments on these everywhere I go.

Cute Rain Boots #rainboots #fallstyle #rainydaysCute Rain Boots #rainboots #fallstyle #rainydays #plaidboots

Cute Rain Boots #rainboots #fallstyle #rainydays #duckboots

So if you’ve been waiting the time is finally here to break out those good old galoshes! You can find my cute rain boots here.

Other cute rain boots

Want more options? Here are some other fun and cute rain boots to check out!


I’d love to know which ones are your favorite!

xx Danielle

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