Getting out and having a date night is so much fun for us! I really am happy to just go out and do something together. But sometimes its nice to break things up and come up with some date ideas that are more than just going out to dinner and a drink. Especially when getting to know someone new I think its even better to try out new things because it will help you get to know them better.

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Date Ideas

While there are many different date ideas you can try out these are ones that are my favorites and tried and true. Try one of them or put your own spin on them. In the end its about having fun!

Plan an activity

It could be something as simple as going for a hike or your favorite sport together. Things are always more fun when you are being active. It helps break up any weird silence and keeps things moving. There are so many places popping up now with indoor golf, fowling, bowling etc. This picture we were actually on our way to Punch Bowl Social which has tons to do and is always so fun. We once took a cooking class together and that was a really fun night out.

Find a fun free event happening

Most cities or parks often put on little events. One of our favorite things to go to is the Detroit Institute of Arts will put on an event called Friday night live where they have a musical performer and it’s totally free. Perfect for a date night.

Go to a bookstore or library

Ok I know this sounds really lame haha. But its a great way to spark conversation and to get to know more about one another. It might actually be my favorite of my date ideas! Pick a section and talk about your favorite choices or topics within it.  My husband and I used to do this when we were dating. We would grab a coffee and head to the bookstore! We loved to look through the travel section and talk about where we’ve been and places on our list that we would love to go. It was so much fun! We learned so much about each other and it was easy and not awkward.

Date night at home

This has become increasingly more popular for us since having kids. Making a date night at home is much less hassle and saves a ton of money that you would spend on a babysitter. You can pick a dinner you love to make and that is fun to do. We always love the process of making pizzas! But anything you like will be fun to do together. Then grab a board game, watch a movie or just grab a glass of wine (or a margarita!) and sit by a fire. Easy and cozy!


What are some of your favorite date ideas?

Date Ideas | Daily Splendor Life and Style || date nights, valentines date, date activities, #datenight #dateideas #athomedateideas #fundates #dateactivities
Date Ideas | Daily Splendor Life and Style || date nights, valentines date, date activities, first date ideas #datenight #dateideas #athomedateideas #fundates #dateactivities