Flowers are such a great gift for many occasions. Who doesn’t love getting flowers? Here is an easy way to dress up or personalize a simple store bought flower bouquet into your own DIY flower bundle.

To start grab whatever bunches of flowers you love. I always get mine at either Trader Joe’s or Costco. They are always the nicest for a good price. But there are plenty of great options out there. Other supplies you will need- craft paper (plain or print), scissors, tape, twine (raffia or ribbon too whatever you prefer) and if you plan on having the kids decorate it markers or crayons.

DIY Flower Bundle - making your own arrangementSupplies for flower bundle

If it’s just a fun craft for the kids one trick I use is just to reuse a paper grocery bag. Cut along one side and cut off the bottom section, handles and flatten it out. Have the kids color and draw on the plain side and then flip over to wrap the flowers.

Make craft paper from a grocery bag!DIY craft paper from a grocery bag

Time to assemble

Line the inside with tissue paper. Trim up the flowers as needed and then arrange the flowers on top. I went with just tulips for one but I often buy a couple mixed bouquets and mix them and rearrange to my liking.

DIY flower bundleFlower bundle decorated by the kidscraft paper DIY flower bundle

Here I rearranged a mixed bouquet and just used some simple wrapping paper instead of craft paper.

Wrapping paper for flower bundle

Pink DIY flower bundle

Fold the raw edge under and then just fold one side over the other, secure with tape and finish with ribbon or twine. Your done!! Get creative and try using different papers or use a plant instead and wrap the base with paper and secure with a rubber band. Now that you know how to do a DIY flower bundle, which occasion will you be making one for?

xx Danielle

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