Friday Splendors 9/28

Happy Friday, friends! I’ve decided to start sharing my favorite Friday Splendors each week for something fun to check out heading into the weekend. They may be current favorite things I’ve been using or something interesting to read or even shopping tips. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Friday Splendors

I’m such a lover of cookbooks. Want to add this to the collection. Check it out Cookbook

Amazing vacations for this fall that are affordable. Affordable Vacation Ideas

Tote bags are everything! The 13 Best Work Bags for Women Under $100  Tote Bags

I just started working on doing this myself and then read this. All about waking up early

High/low shopping is a great idea when it’s comes to fashion and beauty. Definitely a few I haven’t tried on this list. Check them out! Best Cheap Makeup Brands


I would love to hear your thoughts on anything you tried or liked!

Let me know!

xx Danielle