Focuses for 2019 #goals #resolutions #newyears #whitekitchen #kitcheninspo

Looking forward into 2019 for me means to take a quick look back on this last year. If I had to label a theme for last year it would be growth. It was a big year of growth for me in many ways. I really have pushed myself passed my comfort zone with starting my blog. Anyone who is close to me knows I am naturally a very shy person and it took a lot for me to move past it to put myself out there and I still have to push myself to continue to do so. It was also a year of growth for our family as our kids had a lot of new experiences including their first big vacation and plane ride and learning to snowboard. We also had our first year in our new house and are still continuing the renovation project!

After a quick reflection on last year I am able to plan what my focuses and goals are for 2019. Here’s what they consist of:

  • Self belief and motivation – this year I am focusing on internal motivation and believing in my abilities.
  • Read More – I love to read but I am terrible at making time for it. I have to just schedule it like I do anything. I am also going to try to listen to more podcasts/audio books while driving.
  • Focus on experiences (especially with my kids) – This is kind of a goal for my family because shifting our focus to experiencing and learning new things are only going to help us grow and it is so good for my kids.
  • Continue to plan – I just love when things are organized and planned out. But I am not always as on top of things as I would like to be. One thing is for sure though – if I plan out my day I am always more productive.
  • Get up early – I am naturally a night owl but also get up early which equals one tired mama. So I’m going to work on going to bed earlier so I can wake up before my kids everyday.
  • Go green(er) – For the most part we use a lot of green products but I want to continue to incorporate more healthy, natural and organic items into our household and daily routines. 

What are some of your focuses this year?