Don’t get me wrong I love going to the gym. I love a good trainer. I love a good class…. But right now for me (and for a lot of people) it’s just not in the cards to get away to workout most of the time. So here’s how I’ve made the most out of my workouts and tips to maximize your home workout too.

Note* I am not a trainer, I just love to workout 😉 so make sure to check with a professional before doing any certain workouts or using any equipment to make sure they are right for you*
tips to maximize your at home workout
At home workout

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Tips to Maximize your Home Workout


Having some structure is so important so you stay on track. Otherwise you will lose focus. Here are some things to try that I like to use.

  • Find videos on YouTube – there are so many. Just start searching and you will find something. Make sure it’s the right fit for you.
  • Write your own workout – write down what areas you want to hit and specific exercises. Almost like a checklist. I write mine like a circuit.
  • Use an app – there are a bunch available. I use the Nike Training Club app a lot.

Have the right tools

Investing in a few pieces that will help maximize your workout is totally worth it. Here are my favorite items to use.

My Bosu Ball is my favorite piece I have bought so far. You can do so much with it and really get more out of your workout. Here is the one I have

I also invested in some resistance band loops which are another great and inexpensive way to get more variation. Here are the ones I have

The best bang for your buck?? This is it! you can create so many workouts with these resistance bands and use them so many ways. I take these on vacation too because they are small enough and I can get a complete workout. Get them here They are inexpensive and seriously worth it!

Tips to maximize your home workout

Do what you love.

Find a workout style that fits you and something you are excited to do. But don’t forget variation is key to getting results. Find a type of workout that fits for you and rotate through different exercises.

Plan for an uninterrupted workout

Ok this is next to impossible for me because well… kids. So the operative word is plan for it. But be proactive in trying to have everything set so you have a block of time so you can finish. Even if you get distracted always go back and complete your workout. If you have little ones set them up with something that will keep them occupied. I like having snacks already prepped for them because my kids always want snacks lol. Currently play doh is a great activity doing the trick of occupying their time.

Find your time

Workout at the time you feel most motivated and most likely to do it. I’m a bit of a night owl so usually I would say evening is when is best for me. But being busy with family stuff at night I have to workout first thing in the morning or it just won’t get done. So that’s what I do.

Get creative

So my final thoughts are when all else fails get creative. Whether you need a change or the day isn’t going right try to adapt and get creative to get it done. The other day everything was going wrong and the kids were just being extra difficult when I tried to work out. So finally I just took them outside to play and while they did I ran laps around the house and then did some body weight drills in the yard. Because in the end it’s just about getting it done.

tips to maximize your at home workout

So those are all my tips to master your home workout… now get to it 😉

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Xx Danielle

Tips to maximize your at home workout #fitness #workingout #homefitness #workingout #excerise
Tips to maximize your at home workout #fitness #workingout #homefitness #workoutplan