DIY Flocked Christmas Tree | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #flockedtree #christmastreeflocking #DIYchristmastree #snowytree #christmashack #christmasdecor

DIY Flocked Christmas Tree

DIY Flocked Christmas Tree | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #flockedtree #christmastreeflocking #DIYchristmastree #snowytree #christmashack #christmasdecor

There is just something so exciting about a good DIY! Am I right?! I love being able to either repurpose or remake something. It kind of runs along the same lines as buying something for a really good sale price. You know what I mean 😉 Well I have always liked the look of a flocked Christmas Tree but never had one. Since I now had an extra tree that we weren’t really using I thought it was the perfect opportunity to try a DIY flocked Christmas tree and see how it turned out.

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DIY Flocked Christmas Tree

Overall I was thrilled with the outcome! I really wasn’t sure what to expect to be honest. The one thing I felt pretty certain about was that it is messy to do and that was for sure. But aside from that it was actually really easy and took only a little over an hour to do. Here’s a breakdown of what you need:

  • faux or real tree
  • spray bottle with water
  • Snoflock
  • sifter
  • drop cloth – I used a 9 x 12
  • gloves, shoe covers and old clothes

On the Snoflock bag they do recommend doing it outdoors but it was very windy here so I chose to do it in our garage. Most of the work is actually in the prep. Make sure you are wearing work clothes and gloves! I cannot stress this enough. Put the drop cloth down and set the tree up in the center. Make sure there is nothing else around that may get ruined if it sprays over. You want to start by spraying the entire tree so it is completely wet, not soaked but covered. Then take the sifter filled with the snowflock and start from the top and shake it onto the tree. You may need to go over it a few times likes I did. Once covered you need to spray it again with the water to lock it on.

A few things I learned is that you want to push the sifter into the tree to cover the spots further back towards the center of the tree. Otherwise you end up with obvious gaps and it mostly just on the edges. Also is you like it to be a little bit heavier looking snow effect you may want to sprinkle heavier amounts out of the sifter or I even took the branches and kind of dipped them into the sifter to stick more on.


DIY Flocked Christmas Tree | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #flockedtree #christmastreeflocking #DIYchristmastree #snowytree #christmashack #christmasdecor

Let dry completely before moving it. You may want to check some spots to make sure they hardened and spray it once more before moving it. Once it was dry and ready I shook it off and my husband even lightly blew it with a leaf blower to get any excess off before bringing it in. I was not really fond of the idea to be honest but it worked great! There will be some additional shedding with any flocked tree but you can just vacuum that up.


DIY Flocked Christmas Tree | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #flockedtree #christmastreeflocking #DIYchristmastree #snowytree #christmashack #christmasdecor

Thats it! Get it set up where you want it at and start decorating! And check out my Holiday Decor Tips and Ideas for other hacks to make decorating simple and easy. Happy Holidays!


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