Favorite products for a sun kissed look | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog #bronzer #selftanner #gloss #highlighter #tanningdrops #nars #illuminator

Favorite products for a sun kissed look

Favorite products for a sun kissed look | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog #bronzer #selftanner #gloss #highlighter #tanningdrops #nars #illuminator

Over the years I’ve learned to rely on a few different products to get a sun kissed look. I am one who doesn’t naturally get a tan, mostly because I am a big advocate for sunscreen since I am fair and tend to burn easily. You will see me in a big floppy hat majority of the time I am in the sun. I also live in Michigan and our sunshine is limited here haha! So I have found some favorite products to give me the glow I’m looking for.


Favorite products for a sun kissed look | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog #bronzer #selftanner #gloss #highlighter #iconiclondon #fentybeauty #tanluxe #tanningdrops #nars #illuminator

Get that sun kissed look

Nars products have been a favorite of mine for years. Their bronzer (I used shade Laguna) has been a staple of mine as long as I can remember. The undertones are neutral and done turn orange on me. I also have been using Nars Multiple for some time now as well. This product is a do all kind of superhero! You can use it on cheeks, lips, eyes and body. I have them in 4 colors! They are great as a quick eyeshadow option.

Self tanners and I have not had a good history. But recently I started using tanning drops and these are a game changer! These Tan Luxe drops are great because they come in different shades and you can adjust how much you use. I use the shade light/medium and do 2-3 drops per area. You just add it into your body lotion and its super easy and I love the color of it. Just make sure you have recently exfoliated and wash your hands thoroughly after applying.

Gloss seems like an obvious and easy choice for helping give a glow but if you have not tried this Fenty Beauty Gloss you need to! I have been hooked since I first tried it. My color is Fenty Glow and its a pretty pink/nude that will look good on everyone and gives you that glowy feel. Just trust me and try it.

Iconic London has several products for giving that sun kissed look. Mine is the Prep Set Glow finishing spray. Spray it on when your done with your makeup and it gives and bronzed and somewhat shimmery finish. I love this for going out or to events etc.

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