Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #champagne #bubbly

Girls weekend in Chicago

Girls weekend in Chicago!

Something I have learned over the last few years is how important it is to take time away and for yourself. So the last few years my sister and I have taken a weekend trip once a year in the fall. Lets be honest we wish we could more often but you know how crazy schedules can get. This year we decided to make it a girls weekend in Chicago!

We live in the Detroit area making it about a 4 hour drive. We debated trying to fly but the time just seemed about the same. The road trip there was uneventful except for a few wrong turns hehe. It actually was filled with a lot of working since we are both #bossbabes and had things to take care of so we could go have this weekend 😉 Ok so my sister is much more of a boss than me but thats why I look up her!

First stop was checking into the hotel. OK you guys lets go back to the last point I made about my sister being a BOSS and she travels a ton so we got to stay at the Ritz-Carlton Chicago! I will tell you it was amazing and lived up to everything I thought it would be. Everyone was lovely, accommodating and it was just an all around great experience. I wish I had even more pictures of their lobby but we were on the go so much! Check out this pic of us in the lobby. I mean!

Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip

Next up we went to see Hamilton! We were a bit close on timing but we made it in enough time and I can’t say enough about it. The show and the music was spectacular! It was so engaging and really kept your attention. After that we just made our way back because this mama can’t stay out past 12 haha!

Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #hamilton

The second day we got up and enjoyed a morning at the spa. Unfortunately no pictures of that as I was unplugging and had my phone put away. As we all should from time to time 😉 The spa was lovely and we enjoyed using the steam room and sauna afterwards. And I have the say that their gym was amazing! They had so much great stuff in it and the view was fantastic. After that we checked out the rooftop terrace and hung out for a little bit and then what is any girls weekend in chicago without a little shopping.

Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip #ritzcarlton Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip #ritzcarlton Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip #shopping #michiganave

There were so many stores right within walking distance from the hotel. We stopped by Topshop, Anthropologie, Lush, The Disney Store (had to get something for the kids), Zara and more. When we were too tired to shop anymore we went back, got ready and went out for dinner and drinks.

Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip #dinner Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip

We ate at Del Friscos Steakhouse which was delish! Their wine selection was amazing and their service was great. We tried to get a picture of the huge wine rack in the back. After dinner we headed to their Champagne Bar and it was such a beautiful sight! The finishes were so pretty and fun. The bartender taught us some fun new things and we tried champagne we’ve never had before. There was also a jazz band playing which added to the fun atmosphere. Kim really wanted me to go jump in with band and sit at the piano – umm nope haha!

Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip #champagnebar #bubbly Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #roadtrip #bubbly #champagne Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #champagne #bubbly

We had such a great time and like any weekend trip it was over too quickly. It had been many years since I have been to Chicago so I know I need to not wait so long again because we had a blast! See you next time, Chi town!

xx Danielle

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