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Holiday Greenery Guide

Holiday greenery is a staple when it comes to seasonal decor. It can stand out all on its own or can be the base to build and add other elements to. It’s what I always start with in my holiday decorating.

Holiday Greenery Guide

Slowly adding some holiday greenery is a great step if you are not ready to bring out all the holiday items. Its even great for the time leading up to Thanksgiving because it makes the space feel festive without being too holiday specific and looks so nice on its own or with lights. There are many different types of greenery for the holidays so here’s a breakdown and some ways to style it.


Garlands are one of my favorite ways to use greenery in the holidays. You can use it on a mantle, over windows, on a staircase, at your front door, as a table runner; the possibilities are endless. The key is finding the best looking garland for where you are using it. You can also add in another type of garland like a beaded one to create some contrast or twinkle lights for a glow.

Christmas Mantle | Holiday Greenery Guide | Daily Splendor #christmaslivingroom #christmasdecor #mantlegarland #holidaydecor #holidaygreenery

Window Garland | Holiday Greenery Guide | Daily Splendor #kitchendecor #christmasdecor #windowgarland #holidaygreenery

If you are making a fuller garland like on a mantle, my signature way is to use a variation of different garlands. The key is the have one really good quality garland that looks real. Start with that then you can build around it and fill in with other types that may be more budget friendly. I will add in other styles of garland including real ones as well as use small greenery pieces to make it fuller in different spots. You can also take a garland you may already have and not use much and cut it into smaller pieces to use as filler. It turns out so beautiful without breaking the bank. 



When it comes to trees there are so many different styles and I think it’s just a personal preference. I love a big full tree in my living room but pencil trees are great accents in other parts of the house. Pencil trees are also a great option when working with limited space for a tree. Or if you’re looking to change something up with your current tree try adding flocking to your tree! 

Pencil Tree | Holiday Greenery Guide | Daily Splendor #diningroom #christmasdecor #penciltree #holidaydecor #holidaygreenery

Wreath, accents and more 

Don’t forget how many different ways you can use a wreath and other greenery accents. You can add a wreath to your doors, windows, cabinet, or use them as a plate charger and for table decor. Greenery accents are great for filling in gaps of garlands, adding to vases or creating a table scape. For even more ideas head to Holiday Decor Tips and Ideas 

Window Garland | Holiday Greenery Guide | Daily Splendor #kitchendecor #christmasdecor #windowgarland #holidaygreenery

Fresh greenery

If you prefer fresh greens there’s plenty of places you can find them. Around us there are always lots of local pop ups and tree lots that usually have fresh garland and wreaths. If you don’t come across any of those Trader Joes usually has them and for a great price. Lastly you can order them online but prices can vary. I will link some options below.

Christmas Mantle | Holiday Greenery Guide | Daily Splendor #christmaslivingroom #christmasdecor #mantlegarland #holidaydecor #holidaygreenery


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