Girls weekend in Chicago

Girls weekend in Chicago #girlstrip #weekendtrip #chicago #champagne #bubbly

Girls weekend in Chicago! Something I have learned over the last few years is how important it is to take time away and for yourself. So the last few years my sister and I have taken a weekend trip once a year in the fall. Lets be honest we wish we could more often but […]

Manhattan Beach getaway

Our Manhattan Beach Getaway Manhattan Beach Manhattan Beach is the cutest little beach town. I’m a huge fan of going to the beach. But we have never been fans of the over crowded touristy beaches that are lined with hotels and souvenir shops. It’s never been our thing. Well if you want that beach feeling […]

Our first trip to Disneyland

Picture in front of the disney castle

I can’t even explain how excited our kids were to go on our first trip to Disneyland!! When planning our trip we considered many things. First and foremost our kids are 2 and 3.5 so we did not think they would last very long at the park and also they would not be able to […]

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