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Trader Joe’s Haul

Trader Joe’s is definitely one of my favorite grocery stores. They have lots of great products at great prices. Plus it’s a good one to go to when you have the kids in tow because they have the cute little baskets and give stickers and suckers at checkout. Everyone is happy! Sharing my recent Trader Joe’s haul of some of my favorites and a few new finds.

Trader Joe’s Haul | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #tradersjoes #groceries #familylife #momlife #momandkids Trader Joe’s Haul | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #tradersjoes #groceries #familylife #momlife #momandkids

If your crew is anything like mine they get a little restless having to run errands with me. The best part about taking them to Trader Joe’s with me aside from them getting treats at check out is that the store is not so oversized that it’s a huge commitment when you are there. We are in and out pretty quick which is a win for all of us.

Trader Joe's Haul | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #tradersjoes #groceries #familylife #momlife #momandkids Trader Joe's Haul | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #tradersjoes #groceries #familylife #momlife #momandkids #groceryhaul

Trader Joe’s Haul | Daily Splendor Life and Style Blog | #tradersjoes #groceries #familylife #momlife #momandkids #groceryhaul

Trader Joe’s Haul

Here are some of my top favorites from this Trader Joe’s Haul:

Rose Water Facial Toner – its a great little face mist for toning or just general hydration. The rose scent is not too strong and its only $3.99

Sweet Plantain Chips – these are a great alternative to eating tortilla chips. They have a sweet and salty taste and both kids and adults like them. If you don’t have a Trader Joes near you this is something you can find in other stores as well.

Dark Chocolate Carmel Wedges – you know the little circle tins next to the checkout counter, those are them! Do not pass these by as they are my favorite! The also come in a dark chocolate solid as well. Great small little sweet treat and perfect with a glass of wine 😉

Wine – speaking of wine…. I think everyone knows you can get a good inexpensive (I mean really inexpensive) wine at Trader Joes. But they also have great prices on a some other moderately priced wines that you may find other places but the price is usually better at joes.

Vegetable Radiatore Pasta – great pasta to have on hand for the kiddos. They are vegetable based so they are fun colors and they love the shapes. Add their turkey meatballs and you have a fast dinner that the kids love!

Other favorites I love to have on hand around my house are their tortilla chips, salsa, frozen pizza, chopped kale, protein bars, small bagged apples, bag of limes for my Fresh Lime Margarita Recipe and the kids love their organic suckers. We also tried for the first time the pizza crust and made tostada pizzas and the chocolate chip dunker cookies – both were really good!

I still have many more items I love from Trader Joe’s that I’m sure I will share it the future.


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