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Do you find yourself wanting to get white denim but you just don’t know what to wear with white jeans. Ok so here’s the truth…. you can really wear anything with white denim! What it boils down to is it just depends what you pair it with to achieve the look you are going for. But first a couple things to know when getting white jeans.

  • You need to find the perfect thickness. Thick enough so they are not see through. You don’t want that! But also not so thick that you are smothered on the hotter days. These one I have are perfect! Just thick enough so they are not see through and just enough stretch. They are super comfy! Find them here
  • You don’t want them to be too long. You want them to be just at the ankle or cropped a little. It will make your legs look longer. Just trust me. If they are longer than you want it’s an easy fix – just cut them. Raw edges are extremely popular right now so just cut them to the length you want and your done. But do make sure to use fabric scissors. Believe me you will know the difference. You want a raw edge but if your scissors are dull it will chew it up and not look so great and probably be really uneven. Again just trust me on this one. If you don’t want to cut them then cuff them.

Ok now that we’ve gotten that out of the way on to the fun stuff…the clothes!!

What to wear with white jeans – 9 outfits for anytime of day!

Daytime casual

Simple t-shirt or tank and flats make for a great casual look. Perfect for running errands, baseball games, etc

Casual outfit - what to wear with white jeans

What to wear with white jeans - casual look with converse and tankWhat to wear with white jeans - casual look

White denim flatlay - tshirt and flip-flops

Daytime get together

Adding different types of summery and flowy tops with the right sandals make these outfits perfect for daytime. This works for so many occasions; bbq, brunch, grad party

Daytime look - what to wear with white jeans

White to wear with white jeans. Gingham ruffle tank and espadrilles

White denim flatlay with check top and sandals


Adding your favorite top and a heel or wedge instantly take white denim to a night look. Great for cocktail hour, drinks on the patio, or a night out.

Fashion flatlay - white denim, off the shoulder top and heels

What to wear with white jeans - black sleeveless top and espadrilles

White jeans with linen tops and heels. How to wear white denim

Now go get dressed now that you know what to wear with white jeans!

xx Danielle

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